Internet fast credit is a service offered by credit institutions that allows you to apply for a quick loan online or via text message without having to physically sign documents when you go to your office or bank. Fast loans have become one of the most popular types of loans nowadays because applying for a loan is easy and time-consuming, and there is no need to justify how the money will be spent. Quick credit on the Internet is easy to obtain, but you need to provide your personal information and other required information to apply.

How are fast credits assessed?

How are fast credits assessed?

The field of quick loans in Latvia is treated quite differently. It could be said that people fall into two groups: those who have no problem with this type of loan and those who have such a business is totally unacceptable and categorically against their use. It has to be said, however, that there are various rules and regulations in Latvia that strictly control the field of fast credit so that lenders cannot apply excessive interest not only to the principal amount but also to late payments. It even controls those who borrow, because to whom everyone is no longer granted fast loans and the repayment terms are monitored.

Choose the one that suits you!

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If you have decided to take out a loan, then start by finding a lender that suits you. At the moment there are more than ten reliable and reliable lenders in Latvia who offer their services to every interested person. Before borrowing, it should be known that for a couple of years in Latvia quick loans are not granted to persons who have only recently reached the age of majority. Most lenders offer their services to individuals over the age of 20 or 21. This is due to the fact that the fast credit companies are having problems at the time when the loans were made to persons who have just reached the age of 18.

Discounts and Deals

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Fast internet loans often entice their old as well as prospective customers with various discounts and promotions. Most often, new customers are attracted to the fact that the first loan is promised free of charge, or there will be no interest payment on the loan. New customers upon registration will be asked to transfer a checksum of one euro cent to make sure that the bank account is owned by the person registering and applying for the loan. Information on whether a loan is granted is usually provided within 15 minutes to the registered telephone number. If you borrow again, there are two ways to apply for a loan, both by calling the lender and applying for the loan on your user profile. True, you can only borrow again if your previous cash loan has been successfully repaid. Personal also offers a first credit of up to € 300 with a 0% commission to give clients the opportunity to appreciate Personal ‘s collaboration.

Lender security

Fast credits are available on the internet for people with a solid income. However, the lender must be absolutely certain that the loan will actually be repaid. For the first time, lenders offer up to 300 euros to borrow. With each repayment of the loan, the amount of the next loan increases by 100 euros, which means that for the third and all subsequent times the customer has access to a loan of up to 500 euros at a time. If your bank account is in one of the most popular banks, you will see the loan amount within 15 minutes. Customers at other banks will need to be a little more patient as the transfer process may take a few days. Fast credit on the internet is granted during the lender’s business hours, most of which are from 8am to 10pm. Overnight loan applications will be processed in the morning.

Why didn’t I get a loan?

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There are situations where fast credit on the internet is being denied. There are usually several reasons for this:

  • You’re just too young or too old! More specifically, in order to qualify for a loan, clients must be between the ages of 20 and 70;
  • The previous loan taken out with the same creditor has not been repaid or delayed;
  • You may have mistakenly provided your contact information or your details when filling out the registration form and loan application;
  • Negative credit history is often one of the most popular reasons for rejecting a loan application.

Everything happens in life, and if you have problems with your loan repayment, most importantly, keep it silent! The Personal loan can be extended by transferring the extension fee to the lender’s bank account. Most often this amount is measured at 10% of the loan amount. Even if there is no way to transfer this amount, we recommend that you contact your lender for an individual solution to repay your loan. Personal offers its clients a favorable loan extension, which amounts to only 0.25% of the loan principal per day.

We encourage you to choose your lender wisely and borrow responsibly to avoid future problems with obtaining loans and purchasing or leasing goods.