The rhythm of our lives is challenging – a situation where you are short of payday, needing an urgent bill or some other unplanned expense seems to be familiar to almost everyone. But what to do if a carefully planned budget does not allow for such expenses and there is simply no extra money? Of course, there is an option to ask your friends or relatives for help, but if you are not willing or able to involve them in the situation, one of the quick credit on the Internet can be the solution. For the convenience of borrowers, both short-term loans and loans with a longer repayment period are issued. It is an opportunity to borrow the required amount of money in just a few minutes – without pledge and guarantee. For this reason, such loans from non-bank lenders can be particularly useful in urgent cases where cash is needed as soon as possible.

Apply for a loan via text message

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Another modern borrowing option is SMS credit. This type of loan does not differ much from other loans issued by non-bank lenders – the main difference is that SMS credits are applied for via SMS. Given that only a mobile phone is required to apply for such a credit, SMS credit on the Internet is the fastest way to raise additional funds.

To apply for such a credit, you must send a text message from your mobile phone to the lender’s specified phone number containing all the necessary information such as loan amount, repayment term, key word, password for your user profile, etc. which was specified at the time of registration. So, in order to apply for an SMS credit, you must first register on the lender’s website.

As with other online loans, you can apply for SMS credit at any time of the day, but the application will be processed within the lender’s business hours.

How to choose a lender?

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Demand has also increased the supply – a really wide range of SMS credits in Latvia. However, how do you not get confused by the diverse offer and choose the right solution? First of all, you should answer two questions yourself:

  • How Much Money is Current?
  • How long is the loan taken for repayment planned?

It is also very important to compare several options, paying particular attention to interest rates as well as other borrowing conditions. Of course, the lender’s reputation also plays a role – be sure to read other borrower reviews before you borrow.

If you know that there may someday be an obligation to Credit SMS, choose a lender that offers this option. You will find more information about the solutions offered by each particular lender on their websites.

What to consider before applying for a loan?

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While SMS credit and other loans are relatively easy to process, it’s still a responsible decision because:

  • The loan is granted for a limited period of time;
  • The loan has a fixed interest rate, which means that you have to repay both the principal amount of the loan and the interest accrued on the loan.

So, before applying for a quick SMS credit or any other loan, you need to carefully consider your solvency as well as the amount of money you need.

It should also be borne in mind that when considering a loan application, the lender evaluates not only the solvency but also the borrower’s credit history, which must be positive, otherwise SMS credit may not be granted.

It is important to note that each lender also has an age limit on how loans, including instant SMS credits, are issued.

Before applying for a loan, evaluate your compliance with all the borrowing conditions and only borrow if you really need to.

Paslipo – a loan for different life plans

If you need a quick and secure loan, Paslipo’s offer may be binding – the first time a borrower can get a loan of up to 300 euros, but starting from the second time, the loan can increase to 500 euros. The loan repayment term remains unchanged – 30 days.

Paslipo’s new customers can count on a 100% discount on their loan commission – meaning that they only have to repay the principal at the end of the term – just as much as they borrowed.

When applying for a loan for the first time, you must register on the lender’s website and follow the instructions below. When borrowing again, you will be able to choose the most convenient option:

  • Apply the required amount of money in your user profile;
  • Call us and let us know if you need a new loan

Choose the right option and wait for confirmation on your mobile phone!

Borrow responsibly

SMS Credits and Internet Credits are an option to get the necessary funds without having to go through time-consuming formalities – from anywhere in Latvia. However, online SMS credits as well as other types of loans are a liability. Borrow only if you are sure of your solvency and have read all the terms of the contract before applying for a loan.